2016 - 2017 Dig Season

Today was my first day back this year in the CS camp,  Only got in 3 hours but here are #93 & 94. They are both tin back I. I hope to get to the 100 button plus mark this year. This has been a button heaven as the first day I found it I found 11 I buttons. So far the tally is Block I's tin back and solid cast 57, Miss I's 14, LA Pelicans 9, NC star Burst 6, NC State Seal 3, VA State seal 1 (and there weren't any VA troops here) CS Officers 2 and 2 Yankee eagles and I know there weren't any yankees here.

2014 - 2015 Dig Season

The 2014 digging season started out like gang buster. Once the cotton came out and the fields got plowed, Confederate buttons were coming out of the ground like I have not seen in a long time and more fire were found as well. I added a new vehicle to my relic hunting gear so things were a lot easier in getting around this massive camp. An added bonus was given to me this year. I did not have to give up my gate keys during deer season but instead the landowner allowed me to hunt from 0930 to 1330 everyday but could not bring my trusty sidekick Buffet. Everything was clicking along fine until March 23 2015 when a took a nasty fall and broke my back, collar bone and foot, so I have been laid-up recovering and waiting on the corn to come out sometime in August. Hopefully I will be recovered and ready to get back in and get some more CS relics from this camp.

2013 - 2014 Dig Season

I often reminisce about early childhood days of exploring the Chickamauga Battlefield, which was literally in my Grandparents backyard, finding my first minnie ball washed out in the Sunken Road at Shiloh when I was 14, that started this whole adventure, to the Confederate Camp I found last winter and all the good times I had in between. Please explore and enjoy the site.  I always look forward to hearing from others with my same passion of ALL THINGS CONFEDERATE. Please be sure to LIKE US on the Facebook Tab on the contact page to keep up with my current digs.

Relics Of A Confederate Parole Camp
With the fall of Vicksburg Mississippi, July 4th 1863, the captured Confederate Soldiers signed an oath not to take up arms against the North until properly exchanged. The Confederate Army setup several parole camps for the soldiers to be sent to for rest & refitting and to await proper exchange.  These artifacts were recovered at one of those camps and tell a very interesting story of the Confederate Soldiers who were in these camps during the last year of the war.