Civil War Soldiers, Pension
& Land Grant Records

If you are looking for records on your Families Civil War Soldiers, Land Grants, Land Records or Tax Records, I can find them for you. I have several different packages.

Basic Research Package
I offer a very affordable rate of $20 an hour with a 3 hour minimum. This gives me enough time to drill down thru the materials in order to find just what your looking for, weather it your families land records, soldiers war and pension records or research to help you locate that historical site you've been wanting to explore.

Civil War Research Service

Weather your looking for your Civil War Ancestors Service & Pension Records or an untouched Civil War Site to dig, I Can Find It!!!!!!

Civil War Site Research
Research is more important now than ever before. The days of spending the weekend’s relic hunting the Civil War battlefields and major camps here in the Deep South and coming home with a bag full of relics are long gone. Sure, you can still spend the whole day walking and swinging a detector and you might come home with a few bullets and on a good day a button or two. 8 years ago, I got tired of it and decided to spend more time doing research on smaller Civil War skirmish and camp sites that had never been located and guess what. IT PAID OFF. There are hundreds of smaller sites that have never had a detector on them. I can find a place to relic hunt at a site near you (unless it’s near me) and provide you with the contact info of the landowners, old & new maps and all reference material. The rest will be up to you. Checkout my Current Excavations page and see the success that I have had. (please don't ask me where they are) So if you want to find more relics, drop me an email and we will get started.