Civil War Confederate Mountain Howitzer

I recently restored a Civil War Mountain Howitzer. This gun tube was one of only 3 that were cast at the Tannehill Foundry after it was rebuilt for the Bi-Centennial of 1976. When this piece was found, it was in terrible shape and needed a new life. The carriage was completely rebuilt to period specification’s out of a solid piece of white oak on 36 inch wheels. The ram-rod, sponge and rammer were hand made to the exact look of the Civil War period.

After taking this beauty out for test firing, (which was awesome) I posted the video and have had several inquiries wanting to know if it was “For Sale” It is NOT. So I built the second one for a gentleman in Louisiana and he is having a BLAST with his. I built the one below with the same love and Southern craftsmanship and it is ready for immediate delivery. So if you are looking a small lightweight Civil War cannon here it is all ready to go. I guarantee this  one will give you years of fun and shooting enjoyment.

Full Scale 37” x 7.5 diameter Mountain Howitzer Barrel with a 2.25” bore and  ¼” steel liner with an 80,000 lbs. tensile strength.

The 1st Model Prairie carriage is made of a solid piece of white oak mounted on 38” wheels with all iron hardware and comes with rammer with worm and a rammer with sponge 10 friction primers, lanyard and powder.

So, if you’re looking a very nice Civil War cannon that packs a BIG punch but is small enough to be easily handled this is it. Cost $6500 plus shipping or can be picked up.

$6500.00   SOLD

I Named It The Lost Cause Cannon.

Here is video of us firing it.

The Lost Cause Cannons Triplet Sister.

Here is video of us firing it. Awesome!