No Defeated Army In The History Of The World Has Had These!

Confederate Veterans at Beauvoir, which was the post war home of Jefferson Davis and was used as a CS Soldiers home after his death. This photo is very dear to me as it shows my GGGrandfather on the second floor balcony, left hand side, second from the left. Martin Wells, 23rd Miss Inf and he is buried at Beauvoir.


History of the United Confederate Veterans

There has NEVER been a defeated army or soldier in world history that has been held in the reverence of a Confederate States of America Soldier or Sailor.

 Prior to 1889, Confederate veterans had no national organization similar to the Grand Army of the Republic. (There I mentioned the GAR) There were many separate Confederate Veterans fraternal and memorial groups existed on a local and regional level. Meeting in New Orleans, LA, in 1889, several of these groups united and formed the United Confederate Veterans Association. The organization was founded to serve as a benevolent, historical, social and literary association. . Local, State and National Reunions as well as many Parades were held yearly with massive turnouts of  Confederate Veterans and spectators.  The UCV was active well into the 1940s. Its final reunion was held in Norfolk, VA, in 1951.