2 Nice Homemade UCV Parade Shell Jackets

Another Very Nice Camp Commanders Coat With UCV Buttons and Brass Collar Stars. Owners Name Is Lost To Time.

UCV Camp Commanders Coat Of Benjamin R. Smith As Camp Commander of the Jeff Davis Camp, Alexandria Louisiana, Smith wore this coat to all official UCV functions. His service in the Confederate Army was quite storied. He enlisted as a private in B Co. 2nd Louisiana Infantry in New Orleans May 9, 1861. The unit was sent to Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia and fought in most of Lee’s campaigns. He was wounded at Malvern Hill, July 1, 1862. He was sent to Lynchburg Va. to recuperate and returned to the unit in September and was elected to 2nd Lt. In Dec. he was promoted to 1st Lt. He was again wounded at the Wilderness May 5, 1864. He surrendered with the unit at Appomattox April 1, 1865 and returned home to Alexandria La.

Very Rare Grouping of Civil War and Post War UCV items belonging to George W Williams Co C, 8th Texas Cavalry. Terry’s Texas Rangers, Forrest Cavalry Corp.

On this page I have highlighted some of my UCV Memorabilia Collection. Below you will see Uniforms, Flags, Drums, Medals, Ribbons and several One Of A Kind Identified Items. I hope you enjoy them!

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